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   22-61-099-12 - SkySharing
  skype: sky_support1

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Rules of Use server:

1. Attention! Enter the real e-mail address, as well as ICQ, if any, if necessary, the Administration will be easier to contact you.
2. It is prohibited to use one account to several receivers.
3. Do not view multiple channels (Twin receivers, DVB cards, PIP, delayed entry).
4. Money Back on Your wallet will not be returned.
5. Do not burst request to the server with an inactive or delinquent account.

Our actions 

In addition to balance the amounts:

20 WMZ - on the balance 25 WMZ
35 WMZ - on the balance 45 WMZ
50 WMZ - on the balance 65 WMZ
The promotion is valid only when the single payment
We accept payments